We are kingdom-focused and unashamed. Thank you for being a part of something much bigger than us. One day we will live in a community where every life is sacred, valued, and welcomed.
— Valerie Millsapps, Executive Director

When the Pregnancy Resource Center had to think of a name for our mobile medical unit...it was without question that it would be in honor of Annalee. Her mom and dad are such brave and courageous parents. It has been such a blessing to serve them in their time of need. What an amazing story as we travel into the community to create many more stories like Annalee.

Together We can help her.

This site is dedicated to our friends that support our center, to stay connected on updates, and how you can get or stay involved in impacting life in Tennessee.

When you give to the Pregnancy Resource Center you are not only making her brave, but connecting her to services that are free, confidential, and professional. If you are looking to make an appointment or know of someone that needs our services; connect with us on our client site at: www.prcbctn.com. We believe women and men have a right to get accurate information from a resource that will not profit from choices they make.