A note from our Executive Director…

As I sat at our place of worship at the age of 8 years I had a flutter in my heart. The missionaries that I would learn about in magazines making a difference all of over the world was what I knew in my big heart that I wanted to do.

I remember walking down to the front of our little country church and announced the call to be a missionary. Not long after that announcement those dreams were crushed. I was 8 and couldn’t drive obviously. Many told me that being a missionary wasn’t a reality. It was also around this same time that I found out that I was adopted. A double whammy. The lies I told myself became truth in my life.

Fast forward many years later here I am serving with an amazing community of dreamers. A community that desires to see every life to be sacred, valued and welcomed. I am thankful to join arms with difference makers who pave the way to help brave families choose life for their children.


”We are kingdom focused and unashamed.”

Valerie Millsapps

Her Story will inspire and encourage her listeners to:

  • To live life unashamed and surrendered.

  • Chase your destiny and dreams!

  • See the power of God in the mess of our daily lives.

  • Courage to speak the truth in love!

  • Seeing that we all have purpose and made in His image.

  • Seeing how we can be a voice for the unborn.


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