Episode 8 - Deanna Falchook, Disney Princess That Had An Abortion

Today’s Guest: Deanna Falchook, Owner/Founder/Senior Writer and Editor of Pro-Life Princesses

Today’s Topic: Many of you have heard me share our story and how we love Disney. I knew that when I heard Deanna share her story that it needed to be broadcasted to the masses. Your story is the key that can unlock someone else's prison. God never intends for us to stay stuck in our sin, pain, or deep sorrow. He heals and restores, He calls us onward, He reminds us that in Him, we have great purpose and hope.

 There’s beauty and greatness behind every image of darkness. The ashes will fall away, they don’t stay forever, but His goodness and glory shine forever through every broken place and flaw we’ve struggled through.

 He conquered death. He lives forever. He reigns in glory. And we have victory in Him. AMEN!

 Take courage dear friends who are facing deep battles. He is greater than any enemy we face in this life. We overcome because He has overcome and our lives are hidden in Christ. May God cover you with peace, may He bring healing in the face of hard news, may He bring deep, abiding joy that makes no sense to the world, may He bring comfort and care as He wraps you in His arms. The God of miracles fights for you today, and He is Mighty.

Deanna is a post-abortive pro-life advocate and is dedicated to raising awareness early to the atrocities of abortion and the long lasting harm and pain that many women feel.

She is the author of a book called TO BE A MOTHER and the soon to be released book called THE CINDERELLA MINDSET. Deanna’s work has been featured in THE FEDERALIST, Charisma, Breitbart, 700Club, EWTN, Faithwire to name a few. Deanna is a mom of 7 children (5 internationally adopted) and lives near Disneyworld in Orlando.

Connect with Deanna: You can contact Deanna on FACEBOOK or twitter @deannafalchook.

Resources for abortion healing:

Every child is a wanted child Mr. Alabama state Rep. John Rogers

Every month, it seems we have more news of a comment or act that leaves us breathless. It was just recently that a state representative faced some backlash after controversial statements he made on the Alabama House floor. 

“Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now, or you kill them later,” Alabama State Rep. John Rogers said after the Alabama House of Representatives passed what could become the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country.

Some kids? I can remember in my childhood when I found out my dad had adopted me as his own that I felt in my mind that I was unwanted. I didn’t understand the true love and mercy that was shown by my adoptive dad. I chose to believe the lie that I was “unwanted.”

Even as an adult, those lies of being unwanted seem to pop up now and then. 

How have we as a society come to this point? Let me ask you, at what stage would it be okay to take my life or that of any human being who feels unwanted? 

I could ramble on about the reasons why this world leaves any one of us feeling broken and unwanted from time to time. Those are certainly not reasons to kill us now. 

Consider a dormant garden at the end of winter. Many would look at the hardened soil and assume there is no life that lies beneath. But really, if we take the time to break away the dried soil, we will soon discover new life. A fresh bloom that simply needed someone to come along and pull away the deadened root system. 

We seem, as a world, to want to hastily brush away the problems at the surface, hoping to immediately correct the issue, in this case, the perceived unwanted-ness of an innocent child. But if we instead choose to dig in, understand, and remove the deadened roots that have made a woman believe she cannot have a child, we could help her discover new life within her and her unborn baby.

I stand as a servant for the Pregnancy Resource Center in Maryville, Tennessee, ensuring that everyone who walks through our door is loved and valued. Not only that, but that every single person who is carrying a sweet child believes their child is a wanted child, even in that moment of panic. 

Fear can be a very loud voice. I know because I have been there. The excuses and justifications to end a pregnancy stack up on top of an already hardened root system of all of the ways in which our clients have been wronged throughout their lives.

We welcome these families with open arms, ready to dig in with both hands. Ready to jump into that hardened past, whatever that may be, and say, “We are here and we will always be here.” 

We dig in with them. We dig deep and find that faulty root system, and take it out. What happens next? New life is what happens. Through pregnancy help ministry, we have restored the very root of life to women and their babies. We have given them hope. 

Rep. Rogers, it isn’t that anyone is unwanted. It’s a lack of love, it’s a lack of compassion, and it’s a lack of action to help remedy the problem that obscures our appreciation for the gift of children. Our job is to restore our appreciation for life, not stack more dead roots on top of the hardened soil.

Tweet This: "Rep. Rogers, it isn’t that anyone is unwanted. It’s a lack of love...that obscures our appreciation for the gift of children."

In pregnancy help ministry, we need people who will dig in with both hands. When women are facing unintended pregnancies, we need people who will help lift their defeated selves. When they get to a place where they are tired and want to quit, we need people who will go before them and love them and say it is worth it. We need people with a heart and desire to spend time with others.

To those looking to serve, will you dig in and help families be brave? Will you run the race with them when life gets hard? Will you reject and disprove the demeaning words of those who want to take life in the womb, on the table after birth, or at any point? 

I choose to dig in. That means serving our community with love, compassion, and action. That is at the very core of the movement I want to work with. That is what our pregnancy center and our mobile medical unit are doing every single day. 

The next time another person rises and says that any human being is not valuable or wanted, we will choose to keep digging. We will choose to keep showing up to the garden for those who are hurting; we will keep showing up for the broken.

That’s the garden I want to work in. One that restores those who feel unwanted. A garden that is changing our community, a garden that is changing our state, a garden that is changing our world. A garden blooming with goodness and life.e dead roots on top of the hardened soil.


We need people who will dive in with both feet and hands. We need people who when women are facing an unintended pregnancy place their hands under our defeated self and lift our heads. We need people that when we get to a place that we are tired and we want to quit that people will go before us and love them and say it is worth it. We need people with a heart and desire to spend time with others making this life journey more fun and helping each other when we feel alone.

“We need people who will dive in with both feet and hands.”

We do live in a crazy messed up world. We have all messed up at one time or other, but that is no excuse to kill now or later. Ever. It is the very reason to keep running together even though we hurt one another, but we must be perfectly imperfect to look past the hurts and hard times because we are committed to one another. When you commit to running the race and throwing off everything that hinders us and entangles us we run with perseverance the beautiful life marked out before us. What happens to that hardened soil? Someone came along and truly helped us beyond the surface and life was restored.

Will you dive in and help families be brave? Will you run the race with them when life gets hard and not quit and use the demeaning words of those who want to take life in the womb, on the table after birth, at any point. I choose to take the high road. The high road we choose is to serving our community with love, compassion, and action. That is the at the very core of the movement I want to run along beside. That is what our pregnancy center and our mobile medical unit are doing every single day. So the next time another person rises and says the very people in the world in which we live and on the way are not valuable; we will choose to keep running. We choose to keep showing up to those who are hurting; we keep showing up for the broken.

 That’s the race I want to be a part of for those who feel unwanted.  A race that is changing our community, a race that is changing our state, a race that is changing our world. A movement that stands out for good.


Episode 5 - Melissa Ohden, A Survivor's Voice

Today’s Guest: Melissa Ohden, Abortion Attempt Survivor, Author, Speaker, Voice for the Voiceless

Today’s Topic: Listening to our news, social media, and legislation lately regarding abortion, infanticide, and the born alive act what in the world do we do? Where do we go from here? How can we help? Listen in to Melissa Ohden share her story and ways we can help be a voice for people like hers and others.

Melissa is the survivor of a failed saline infusion abortion in 1977. Despite the initial concerns regarding Melissa’s future after surviving the attempt to end her life at approximately seven months gestation, she has not only survived but thrived. With a Master’s Degree in Social Work, she has worked in the fields of substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault counseling, and child welfare.

Where To Find Melissa:

Connect with Melissa on her website: https://melissaohden.com/about/

Learn about more abortion survivors: https://www.theabortionsurvivors.com/

A Brave Gift

Perhaps—with the busy Christmas season upon us—the best blog posts are the simplest . . . and the shortest.

Many ministries like ours ask for a special gift this time of year, but we don’t have to use thousands of words to do so. You know us; you know our ministry—so we ask you to consider us as we close out 2018, for two reasons.

First, we’re looking to start 2019 on a strong note. Our board and staff has a lot of plans on the drawing board. We have a year end goal to reach 125 families as we begin the 2019 year. Will that be all we see in 2019? No, we project that we will serve over 1,000 lives next year. A gift—of any size—launches us toward these goals. 

Second, we always want to pursue excellence in stewardship. Funding—in advance of taking on these initiatives—allows us this freedom. Families are able to receive medical services and continuing physical, emotional and spiritual support during and after pregnancy at no cost to them.

As we write this blog, we are reminded that many of you are already committed to this ministry. Your gifts are making a difference at Pregnancy Resource Center, and we appreciate you. A special one-time gift or a re-occurring gift, would have a major impact at this time as we seek to kick off our 2019 vision.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Enjoy this video of the very lives that you have been apart of and imagine the many more brave families we will touch as we start 2019 together.

Life Takeaways from The Greatest Showman and Baby Elephants

Life Takeaways from The Greatest Showman and Baby Elephants

To train the baby elephants they take them when they are still small and tie a strong rope around their necks and attach the rope to a secure pole. The baby elephants naturally try to walk away but the rope holds them back. They pull and push and twist and turn and eventually learn that they just aren’t strong enough to break free of their shackles, so they stop resisting and just stay where they are.

The Wall of Hope Needs You

The Wall of Hope...

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the wall of hope? Many might think we are talking about Tennessee football and the hope of some wins this year...not hardly. That is not the brick by brick we are envisioning for a wall,  Aight.

I digress. A Wall of Hope we are envisioning is a safe haven for men and women. A place to run to in the time of need. A place to say it is okay to cry, it is okay to be scared, it is okay to be unsure. A Wall of Hope where there is no judgement, only love. 

As we scroll on social media, watch the news, or read the happenings in the local paper we laugh to think there is no such place as a safe haven anymore. 19 years ago, I would have very much agreed with no safe haven. In fact, I would have been very hateful to someone that talked such nonsense about somewhere to turn to if you felt as if life had left you in total loss. 

You see...I was single, alone, and pregnant. I felt walls crumbling down around me as words of fear, shame, failure, not going to be a good mom rushed over me like waves in the oceans. I labeled myself in that season of my life which has a lot more to the story for another time. Fast forward almost 19 years...here I stand.

Not only here I stand, but I am surrounded by an army of people who in their own brokenness, trials, and messes come together like a beautiful puzzle for others.  

When we face hiccups in life all we can see is an empty field and we desire to take a shortcut to the palace. Many times we need to slow down and go through that empty field to get to the palace. That’s where growth is found. Will we see rain? Will we see weeds in this field of life? Of course. Will it be worth it, yes. It’s part of the journey. 

We get to that palace and see that beautiful Wall of Hope. That safe haven of people who have traveled on a journey before you and have hands up ready for you to grab ahold of. Let’s build this together, so we can continue to build others up in their time of need instead of putting each other down. That’s where that Wall of Hope needs you.   

In one week over 400 people will gather in one place to see how they can join hands in this great work of the Pregnancy Resource Center. To see how we can continue to save and transform lives together. To strengthen families and let them know they are sacred, valued and welcomed inside our Wall of Hope. 

How can you be a brick in the Wall of Hope?  First and foremost, you can pray for this event. A lot of preparation and planning go into this one night, so we can continue to walk in confidence knowing someone pledged a sustaining gift to lead the way. A minimum of $30 a month can be life-changing in more ways than one. It helps our team stay focused on the work they have been called to do.

If you’d like to join in this great work of changing and strengthening generations not only by a financial gift, but you want to help build this wall. We invite you to call us and set up a visit and see how you are being called to be used.  

You are on a journey with us to have many more stories just like our friend, Sara*.

Read Sara’s story in her own words:  I first came to the Pregnancy Resource Center in 2018. I was terrified and didn't know what the people at the Pregnancy Resource Center was going to think about me being 19 and pregnant. The first time I walked in at the Pregnancy Resource Center I felt welcomed, no judgement, and all the Center wanted to do was help me make the best decision for me.

Since coming to the Center, they have helped me being more confident in myself as a young mother and they've helped me learn how to make life better for me and my baby.

3 things I have learned coming to the Pregnancy Resource Center that I wish everyone knew...
1. Age does not define ones ability to be a great mother.
2. You never have to do anything alone.
3. Nothing you do will be perfect and you will mess up, but the fact that you are trying your hardest will make all the difference in the world.

I want to be a guidance counselor for elementary school children. I was going to wait on college, but Pregnancy Resource Center helped me restore faith in myself and believe I can handle anything and I am strong! 

Stories like this one keeps us going. We invite you on this journey of building this great Wall of Hope. One story at a time. 


 *real names are never used.


Let’s channel that inner kiddo again

Have you ever had that voice and vision in your head that keeps playing like a commercial you cannot quit singing. I’d say that’s very true for many. 

Buzz Lightyear: To infinity... and beyond!

Imagine with me that clear picture of the kids running around shouting the latest lines from the Toy Story movie. Not a care in the world as the kids spin around and fly that favorite Buzz Lightyear toy around and around. No worries and no obstacles in their way as the kids act on those big thoughts in their mind. 

Giggles and laughter fill the room as they try on that Buzz Lightyear costume for the first time or better yet, pretend to be a local hero in our community as they put on that police badge sticker or fireman hat. Running through the house as they arrest bad guys or put out that fire that saves so many. Pride fills their big imagination as they are the big hero just for a little moment in time. 

What happened to that big dreamer or big visionary kiddo within you? I know for me personally that big dreamer or visionary kiddo grew up and the fear of what other people thought consumed my mind. Until one day, the desire to make a difference outweighed the thought of what people thought.

Less than a month our Pregnancy Resource Center will put on our Spring event, but to our board, staff, and volunteers it is much more than "another" event. This is a time to gather, dress up, be a kid again with your kids, grandkids, or just yourself, and take a couple hours out of your morning to make a big difference.

This is so much more than crossing the finish line. Don't get me wrong crossing the finish line is a huge celebration. Especially to those that may not run or walk on a regular basis.

Our Superhero Life Walk and 5k on May 5th is a day to walk or run for others. You are being a hero and a SUPER one at that.

You are giving a new mom and dad an opportunity to fall in love with their baby for the first time.

You are paying for her to have no cost medical services because you raised a few dollars to pay that fee on her behalf. You get to show her and him that they aren’t alone in this new journey of parenthood, that they are brave, that they matter, and they are strong. All by simply asking a few friends to join along or sponsor you as you walk or run for LIFE!

Together we get to invest in the future generations of our community. Together we get to provide programs that allows mentors to walk alongside new families. Together we get to provide material assistance to those who need a hand up. Together we celebrate as they welcome that sweet little bundle of joy into the world. Together we get to...

Be a difference maker! 

Be a change maker! 

Be a way maker!  

Now that’s a superhero I can be everyday. An extraordinary hero stepping outside the norm and making a difference in the lives of others.  

You can join us today and register today at www.run4prc.com  

And if you decide to dust off that superhero costume and channel that inner kiddo that’ll be just fine. 

Let's Celebrate

Let me take you back in time for just a minute. It was Valentine's Day four years ago and my last day at a job I loved! What better way to say goodbye than on Valentine's Day. I loved the people and miss them, but something happened that I could not ignore anymore. I could not ignore a calling, a purpose, and a passion to pay it forward. It was a leap a faith, but one I will never regret. Let's Celebrate together! We hope you enjoy our first blog post and a flash back on the last four years. 

It seems like yesterday that I was walking in the doors for the first time as the Executive Director, I was a stranger to most of you. But each year flies by as I celebrate 4 years with you!  By my second year at the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), I felt as if I was among friends.  Friends with a shared purpose, with arms linked and hearts connected as we carry out this wonderful work of saving lives and strengthening families right here in our community.

If I had to summarize my first year as Executive Director in only one word, I would choose "learning". The learning will never end, of course. These first four years have been enlightening. I came from outside PRC, so it was only natural that I would have some preconceived ideas.  But I believe that being open to new ideas is key to serving well and leading well.  

So I thought I would share three insights with you from my last 4 years: 

1. Accomplishing the mission takes all of us.

PRC truly is a tapestry of talents and treasures that brings beauty to the lives it touches.  It takes all kinds of people using their gifts to make us what we are.

It all starts with the staff - 5 (soon to be 6) unsung heroes who make it happen every day at the Pregnancy Resource Center.  They answer phones, run pregnancy tests, plan events, track the finances, clean the toilets - and a whole lot more.  I appreciate each one of them, and I'm so proud of the way they serve our clients and our community.  The work they do is rewarding, but it isn't easy.  But even on the hard days, when the opposition is fierce, they remember that babies - and families - are always worth the fight.

But as vital as the staff is to PRC's mission, they only make up about 10% of the team. That's right. Ninety percent of our team consists of dedicated volunteers who work in all kinds of capacities for NO pay. Just last year we had 43 volunteers give close to 3,000 hours. That equals to about $71, 218.79 of donated time.

I think about:

  • the receptionists who answer the crisis calls
  • the RN's who perform life-saving ultrasounds
  • the advocates who mentor young women and men
  • the educators who teach them a better way
  • the lovely ladies who maintain our database
  • the fun groups who address and stuff envelopes
  • the college kids who help with the walk and banquet
  • the handyman who repairs leaky faucets and builds walls
  • the church members who bake or paint or whatever else we need 
  • the men who drive our MMU 

What impresses me most about our volunteers is their commitment to the cause. Many of them have a personal connection to the mission - sad or sweet stories that compel them to help our clients through their own tough times. They inspire me.  And did I mention they don't get paid?

Then there's our faithful Board of Directors, whose wisdom and support these past four years have been invaluable to me personally and to the organization as a whole.   

I also want to commend our elected officials and community leaders.  Their advocacy allows us to live out our faith for the good of our fellow citizens. The mere fact that so many of them attend our events demonstrates that we have solid support, for which we are so grateful.  

And then there's you - our partners who pray fervently and give generously.  I don't know if you realize that our funding comes from donations from individuals, families, churches and businesses. Ultimately we know that God is the rightful CEO of PRC, and you are the real owners - a truth which, I assure you, is not lost on me.  Your willingness to stretch financially and partner with us means that every dollar you give saves lives.  But sadly, the opposite is also true.  If we don’t raise the money, lives are lost.  So call it cliché, but without you, there can be no Pregnancy Resource Center.     

Week in and week out, as I see God provide, I am humbled and grateful for the part each of you plays in helping us remain spiritually strong and financially sound. As much as I wish we didn't have to even think about money, the reality is that ministries have bills to pay too.  And without margin, there can be no mission.   

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

2. Pregnancy Resource Center is much more than meets the eye.


I think it's safe to say most of the community knows we provide free, confidential pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.  They know we exist to provide such an important service.  That's all true, of course. But what many don't realize is that those services only scratch the surface of what we do. Test results offer basic answers to tough questions:  Am I pregnant?  How far along am I?  And that's where we need to start. 

But answering questions doesn't solve problems.  And it doesn't change lives. What we know is that unplanned pregnancy is often just a symptom of deeper issues.  Many of our clients have experienced childhood abuse and generational family dysfunction.

They may be dealing with:

  • addiction
  • domestic violence
  • inadequate education
  • homelessness
  • mental health problems
  • poverty
  • unemployment or
  • a host of other challenges

So spitting out test results and sending them on is not helpful.  But there is a better way.  

Instead of force feeding solutions or sugarcoating circumstances, we lead with compassion.  We enter into each unique situation - the shock, the shame, the fear, the chaos.  Whatever our clients may be facing, we are committed to walking with them every step of the journey.

Loving our clients right where they are is no small thing.  It's everything.        

Yes, we want them to choose life for their children. We want them to experience the reward that can only be found in affirming what God created.  But our dreams are even bigger than that!  We want to be the catalyst for cultivating families that flourish, families who commit to doing life together through thick and thin.

A community is only as strong as its weakest members, and we see that our efforts to educate and empower young people are making a difference. We offer one-on-one coaching where our clients work through current challenges and set goals for the future.  But we also teach classes each Tuesday evening that are open to anyone - not just our clients - on topics including:

  • nutrition 
  • communication and commitment within relationships
  • money management 
  • basic parenting skills

But as much as we do, PRC alone can't meet all the needs.  That's why we rely on our community partners to complement what we do. Just to name a few, we work with:

  • OB/GYNs who provide prenatal care,
  • substance abuse programs that address addictions
  • a domestic violence facility that shelters women dealing with violence and
  • agencies that facilitate adoption

These relationships allow us to remain focused on our part of the process and know that our clients are receiving quality, compassionate care from our partners too. Just imagine with me a community of healthy families where generational cycles of abuse and addiction have been broken, where fathers stay engaged and where children feel safe and loved.

Wouldn't we all want to live in a place like that? Well, that is exactly the kind of impact we all can have - and are having - here in Maryville and surrounding counties in Tennessee. It's not easy.  But it is possible. The very core of the Pregnancy Resource Center vision states this. Our vision is to have a community where every life is sacred, valued and welcomed. 

3. Our impact is immeasurable.  

I like outcomes that can be measured.  And yes, I like numbers.  But not for the reasons you may think.  I like them because, as I recently heard a successful businessman say, "Numbers are just stories about people."    

I love that because it reminds me that measuring only matters if there are beautiful stories to be told.  

So just recently, we said we were celebrating a huge thing - 94% life decisions. But what we were really celebrating is the immeasurable impact of 950 God-authored stories of children and the parents who chose them, of chaos redeemed, of panic turned to peace, of shame giving birth to the joy of parenthood and the innocence and mystery that God packs into these tiny people who are so fresh from Him.

Whenever I'm asked in interviews what Pregnancy Resource Center's community impact has been and continues to be, I proudly announce to them that I have no idea! Not because I can't run reports and analyze statistics, and not because I'm unprepared for the question. I have no idea what our impact is because it is impossible to calculate the contribution of even one human life, let alone multiple thousands of lives.

When I think about the the impact since the inception of the Pregnancy Resource Center in 1986 that is over 25,000 moms, dads, babies - many of whom are now adults - born into the PRC family, and all the people they have touched, their:

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • siblings
  • classmates
  • coaches
  • teammates
  • teachers

and the list goes on...It is truly beyond comprehension! A generational impact! 

But as heartwarming as these stories are, there are more to be told.  It’s true that we are reaching many young people facing an unplanned pregnancy. But we aren’t reaching them all.  And that breaks my heart. We have a HUGE vision!

  • We want every single person facing unplanned pregnancy to receive the hope and help he or she so desperately needs.
  • We want to be the premiere educator on family and relationship issues in the area.  
  • We know we can reach more women caught in desperate circumstances downtown, on college campuses and surrounding counties with our mobile unit.
  • We want to add a mobile medical unit nurse manager. 
  • Just to name a few! We have many more on our goals page.

But we can’t expand our reach without the resources to put those plans into action. That’s where you come in. Thank you for being such a significant part of the Pregnancy Resource Center's legacy.  Thank you for stepping up big time and investing in PRC.  And thank you for helping to ensure that saving lives and strengthening families is always and forever why we are here.